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Agency Business Line of Credit

A loan you'll love

In need of green? Cover any business expense with this fast, flexible loan. Money when you need it. Pay interest only on what you borrow.

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Flexible cash when you need it

A Business Line of Credit provides you funds when you need them, without tying up your personal credit or running your business at a loss. As you pay off the loan, new credit becomes available to you again. We don’t charge application fees, so you can find out if you’re eligible at no cost. And you won’t have to worry about monthly audits reports either. We’ve been in the business for more than 75 years, and we love working with insurance agents. Come talk to us today.

  • Lines of credit up to $50,000
  • No application fees or annual fees
  • Cover anything, including office expenses, extra personnel, or marketing
  • Alternatively, use this loan as overdraft protection for your account


Fill out an easy, free online application to find out if you’re eligible. We’ll get back to you right away

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Monthly Payment


Rates as low as


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Rates and terms may vary based on a borrower’s credit qualifications. All loan rates are determined by Credit Union management and subject to change at any time. The Credit Union may offer other rates in the future. All services offered by the Credit Union shall be subject to applicable laws of the State of Oregon, federal laws and regulations, Credit Union bylaws and all regulations, rules and practices now or hereafter adopted by the Credit Union. All loans subject to credit approval.

The Annual Percentage Rate is variable and subject to change on the first of each month. The quoted rate is established by adding a factor (based on borrower’s credit profile) to the 26-week Treasury Bill rate, rounded up to the nearest ¼%.

Maximum loan amount is $50,000.