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Secured Personal Loan

Establish your credit

In need of credit? This low-rate loan is perfect for building or rebuilding your score. Reach out today to apply.

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A smarter kind of loan

A secured personal loan is a smart way to take care of your finances. Because the loan is tied to your certificate* orĀ  a non-term savings account**, it’s secured with a lower rate. You won’t have to empty out your savings to handle an unexpected expense. Instead, get a reasonable loan while the money you save continues to earn dividends.

  • No Annual Fee
  • Rate is 4% higher than certificate or non-term savings count securing loan
  • Credit Line is equal to the certificate or non-term savings balance securing the loan
  • Set up direct deposit for effortless payments


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Interested in this loan? Reach out today and we’ll get you set up with a quick application.

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Monthly Payment



*Smart Growth & IRA Certificates cannot be used as security for loan.

**Non-term savings account earns 0% interest.